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Static from around the Web

TO doesn't bother to show up to voluntary workouts with the Bills; who could have guessed?

"Cutler is our quarterback" until he isn't...

The NFL gets a handle on the terrible tools, making peel back blocks illegal with the 'Hines Ward Rule'.

Hmmm, Lawyer Milloy still available.  Anyone?  Anyone?

The Titans and Steelers in the opener; that should be good.

Hot off the presses, Wonderlicking good.  Maualuga at 15 could be a concern; he would never make a computer tech.  Stafford at 38 may well be too damn smart.

Favre out man, Cutler could be a Jet.

This is the new trend; using the number one to figure out who will take what deal first.  The Lions playing it smart?

Pro Day news from, Barwin sounds interesting.

Strike talk.

Get your NFC East preview from Football Outsiders; we're going to see all these guys.

Top ten defensive tackles. [HT SHaynes]