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BFTB Mock Draft Picks 21-24

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles, despite some rough patches, put up some good numbers on both sides of the ball.  Westbrook is a great running back, but like LT he is beginning to age a bit.  On the offensive line, the center is somewhat weak and this might be a draft with a center good enough to take in the first round.  Tight End also looks like it could be strengthened; particularly in terms of blocking.  Over at Bleeding Green Nation this thread came up on the current mocks.

Team Stats - Game Averages

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 26.0 350.5 (9th) 244.4 (6th) 106.1 (22nd)
Def 18.1 274.3 (3rd) 182.1 (3rd) 92.3 (4th)

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings had a very good defense against the rush, but gave up some yards against the pass; similarly they had a good rushing attack, but were somewhat anemic through the air.  They traded for QB Sage Rosenfels, but a wide receiver for him to throw to would be a good thing.  They could also upgrade their OT position, and possibly their center as well.  Over at the Daily Norseman, this is what they were talking about.

Team Stats - Game Averages

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 23.7 330.5 (17th) 184.8 (25th) 145.8 (5th)
Def 20.8 292.4 (6th) 215.6 (18th) 76.9 (1st)

New England Patriots

The Pats have been busy in the off season; they have the first rounder and three second rounders.  Certainly they need some youth at Linebacker still, particularly OLB.  They may end up talking to Jason Taylor; they could bring back Colvin again, but he seems to have lost a step.  They could use a safety with Harrison gone, but they can pick one up in the second round.  Fred Taylor helps, but a stud RB would make them even scarier on offense.  Check out all things Patriot at Pats Pulpit.

Team Stats - Game Averages

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 25.6 365.4 (5th) 223.1 (12th) 142.4 (6th)
Def 19.3 309.0 (10th) 201.4 (11th) 107.6 (15th)

Atlanta Falcons

After watching them dismantle the Chargers in the regular season, it's tempting to say they don't need anything.  They did have a speedy exit to the playoffs, and they also lost their safety Lawyer Milloy, they could use a tight end as well as a defensive tackle to replace big Grady Jackson.  Here is the Falcoholic talking about the TE situation.

Team Stats - Game Averages

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 24.4 361.2 (6th) 208.5 (14th) 152.7 (2nd)
Def 20.3 347.9 (24th) 220.4 (21st) 127.5 (25th)

For a full two round mock cruise on over to SBNs Mocking the draft here.  Well there it is; only two more weeks until the end.  Be sure to put your picks and comments down in the comments.