Late 2nd Day RB Pick

So, Boise State had their Pro Day on Tuesday.  And I was reminded of their RB Ian Johnson.  You remember Ian, he was the one who proposed to his girlfriend after the fiesta bowl when Boise State beat Oklahoma.  He was an All-American his sophomore year with 1700+ yards rushing.  His numbers have decreased the last two years and this year he only had 766 yards on the ground.  He was splitting time with a few other backs.  He did pick up another 200+ yards in receptions.


5'11" - 211lbs

4.46 40 yard dash (#2 at combine for RBs)

6.93 3 cone drill (#9 at combine for RBs)

26 in 225 benchpress (#5 at combine for RBs)

Projected as a 6th round guy.

So, here's my theory.  I think AJ is happy with our RB situation this year with LT and Sproles.  I think there is no way he spends a 1st day pick on an RB.  I think he will be willing to take a flyer on a late round RB because even if both LT and Sproles are gone in 2010 (which they probably won't be), AJ knows he can pick up a 1st day RB in the 2010 draft and start him right off the bat (see Matt Forte, Chris Johnson and Steve Slaton).  RB is really one of the few positions where first day picks can be relied upon to start in their rookie year.  So, I expect AJ not to draft an RB until late in the second day.  Late in the second day, you can get a guy like Ian.

Ian has some real good workout stats (among the best for the RBs).  I also like his size for an every down back (very LT-esque).  He also had one solid All-American year in college.  Plus, he's a 4 year guy and is married and, in theory, stable.

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