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Static from around the Web

Cutler says he wants to break up, but the Broncos are still saying they want him, but maybe not as much as they want Cassel, but still if they can't have Cassel he is their guy, unless like Tom Brady becomes available or something, in which case he shouldn't let the doorknob catch him anywhere painful.  MHR's Sports Guru thinks Bowlen needs to step up too.  Over at Stampede Blue, they're finding much humor in the Broncos' predicament.  While at Arrowhead pride they are singing the virtues of Matt Cassel over Cutler.  Might Cutler be going to the Lions?  Blech, if I have to type Cutler one more time my fingers are going to throw up.

The Panthers are saying "No Peppers for you!" to the Pats.

The Jags just say no to Matt Jones; also covered in Shut Down Corner.

Donte Stallworth ran over a pedestrian; the NFL should just force a fund to pay for chauffeurs for everyone.

The Giants are taking a shot without Burress, but it seems like a shot in the dark as they went 1-4 without him.

Here comes the new boss; same as the old boss, we won't get schooled again.

The Jets are dialing in more defensive free agents.

Jim Trotter is complaining about Charger management taking so long to do the right thing, going back over every drop of milk that ever spilled, even back to the Gene Klein era.  I used to like Trotter when he was with the Union Tribune, but he has a biased hatred for the Charger management now.