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Denver Broncos Free Agency Moves on Offense

Averting our eyes from another embarrassing weekly installment of the seemingly endless Jay Cutler saga; the Broncos actually have made a number of free agency moves on the offensive side of the ball.  Last season the Bronco offense was quite proficient, but had a propensity to turn the ball over and essentially lost their running game due to an incredible series of injuries.  Since the running game was so fragile, lets look at what the Broncos have done to shore up their delicate halfbacks.

The Denver Broncos on Friday signed unrestricted free-agent guard Scott Young, it was announced. As per club policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.  The Broncos finally came to terms with JJ Arrington, formerly of the Arizona Cardinals.  Taken in the second round, he was expected to break into a starters or rotational runningback situation, but never fulfilled his promise.  He has had pretty tepid numbers; last season he had a per carry average of 6 yards, but only 187 total yards on the ground.  He was way down on the depth chart; but did handle a lot of returns.  It's possible he was picked up to take some of the load off of Eddie Royal.  The other runningback the Broncos latched on to was Corell Buckhalter; not exactly a household name.  He had a 4.9 yard per average carry, but only about 370 yards total.  Both of these backs are reportedly good catching out of the backfield, it's just hard to tell how much time on the field they will actually get if all the Bronco backs recover.  The final runningback added to the stable is Lamont Jordan.  Entering his ninth season, he spent last year with the Patriots.  At 230 pounds he is a load and will give the Broncos a good power running option, he managed 4.5 yards per carry last season but with limited touches.  The Broncos may try and rotate a number of backs into the backfield.

At wide receiver the Broncos added Jabar Gafney.  That brings enormous talent to the Bronco receiver corps which will include the dangerous Eddie Royal, perennial thousand yarder Brandon Marshall and an extremely competent Brandon Stokley.  If the Broncos want to go to a four wide receiver set, this gives them some talented targets to throw to.  This spread offense means an empty backfield with less protection for the QB usually resulting in more sacks.  It almost makes you wonder if that is part of Cutler's issue with the offseason moves and new coach.  Cutler is primed for the big contract, but if he gets knocked out first he might miss that big payday.  For New England Gafney caught 38 for just under 500 yards for a 12.1 yard average; but it's important to remember he did that on a NE recieving corps that included Randy Moss and Wes Welker.

At QB they have picked up Chris Simms who hasn't played much since having his spleen removed back in September of 2006.  He basically carried the clipboard for the Titans last season, but he is an interesting pickup now as he may step in to start depending on how the how the Cutler imbroglio washes out.  His last real year of action he ended up with a QB rating of 81 with 10 TDs and 7 interceptions through 11 games with Tampa Bay.  Of Course if they trade Cutler for a high first rounder they might pick up Stafford or Sanchez in the draft and go with them at quarterback.  This may end up as a rebuild year for the Broncos if the offseason continues as it has.