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BFTB Mock Draft Picks 17-20

We're on the other side of the hill now, going through the last 16 picks in round one.  With free agent signings things have been changing rapidly. 

New York Jets

The Jets come in with a poor pass defense and a tepid passing attack.  Their runningback is getting long in the tooth and they are done with their year of living dramatically with Favre.  The Jets lost wide receiver Coles, but also need a tight end or a runningback, but with Rex Ryan you never know they might jump at a defensive end too.  The Jets blog says they should consider going runningback.

Team Stats - Game Averages

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 25.3 331.7 (16th) 206.4 (16th) 125.3 (9th)
Def 22.3 329.4 (16th) 234.5 (29th) 94.9 (7th)

Chicago Bears

Apart from the rush defense the Bears were pretty pitiful last season.  One of the Bears Offensive tackles retired, they may sign a free agent, but they need an OT backup too reportedly.  They also really need a good wide receiver; but for the defensive minded a new defensive end would work too.  They did address safety in free agency now.  Here is a listing of mocks for the Bears.  One interesting speculation is that one of these teams that needs a QB trades up to the Chargers if Sanchez or Stafford is still around to beat out the rest.  That might net us a nice second round pick depending on how hungry they are.

Team Stats - Game Averages

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 23.4 295.9 (26th) 191.3 (21st) 104.6 (24th)
Def 21.9 334.7 (21st) 241.2 (30th) 93.5 (5th)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa had a great start to the season, but then fell apart at the end.  Think of them as the NFC Broncos.  There was a wholesale culling this offseason, including the aged but amazing Derrick Brooks.  The Bucs need a quarterback after letting Garcia go, they were involved in the Cutler/Cassel three way negotiations that went on.  They could also use another Wide receiver, they franchised Antonio Bryant but have nothing behind him.  They also lost their defensive tackle and could go that way.  Over at Buc' em, they look at the possibility of drafting Evander Hood, DT.

Team Stats - Game Averages

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 22.6 341.0 (14th) 226.2 (11th) 114.8 (15th)
Def 20.2 306.1 (9th) 187.3 (4th) 118.8 (19th)

Detroit Lions

Two number ones for the hapless Lions should help; but I'm not looking for a Dolphin like recovery.  I expect them to use the first choice on a QB; but they also need an offensive tackle.  They could also use a linebacker and might even snag Curry with the number one.  They picked up a number of mid level free agents, but still have some big holes to fill.  The poll over at Pride of Detroit clearly says they don't want Stafford.

Team Stats - Game Averages

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 16.8 268.3 (30th) 185.0 (24th) 83.3 (30th)
Def 32.3 404.4 (32nd) 232.3 (27th) 172.1 (32nd)

There it is; put your picks down in the comments.