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Static from around the Web

Sproles isn't signing his tender.  He doesn't have to do the off season workouts; I believe it also means he can't be traded.

Top 100 prospects, has Raji at 2?

Jaguars sign Tra Thomas (HT Wonko).  This changes everything!

Vick's mansion up for grabs at 3.2 mil.

Here's a mock with us taking Beanie Wells.

Apparently Trent Edwards wanted TO; be careful what you wish for Trent.

Do the Raiders want Crabtree?

Rex Ryan is focusing on building the defense, I'm shocked.

Raven's have kept their key players.  Is there anyone that doesn't like Ozzie Newsome?

David Boston made SI's list of 'Worst Free Agents Ever'.

Football Outsiders looks at 'adjusted games lost' to injuries.