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Static from around the Web

Revenge of the Birds has a video of James Harrison in the Super Bowl; the Cardinals fans thought he ought to have been tossed.  Also a piece on the review that didn't happen near the games end.

Notes on a super Super Bowl.  Cardinals fans welcome home their team.  The Boss was playing half time.

Football Outsiders takes a look at who did what to whom.

Jamal Williams gets a DUI (HT Richard).  I sure would like to see the Chargers sit these guys at least a few games at the beginning of the season.  This is especially disappointing in someone with this much experience who ought to be providing leadership.

An in depth look at the 3-4 by someone with some coaching experience.  Hoosier Teacher over at MileHighReport really knows football.

SBN is relaunching its own draft site, check it out.  Apart from the fact they have us taking a running back, I like WalterFootball too.  They have a nice database of mock drafts across the web too.

No way to get around it; San Diego's offensive line was average to bad.  Guess what, so was the defensive line.  If football gets won in the trenches; this has to get addressed in the off season.