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Open Free Agent Thread

Put any signings or big stories in comments.  We will try and update the major events in the main article here as they come. 

The one bit of Chargers news is that they are rumored by Bill Williamson of ESPN to be interested in getting Drayton Florence back.  With the Chargers retaining Gordon too, it may lend some credence to the notion of them shifting somebody from corner to safety. [HT:Wonko]

As far as Safeties go, Miami has done well signing Gibril Wilson and re-signing Bell.  The Broncos picked up Dawkins and Hill at safety; that's a huge upgrade from what they had last year.  The Broncos are also paying out 5 million to longsnapper Lonnie Paxton; in my next life I want to be a longsnapper.  They have also picked up wr Jabar Gaffney who was with NE last season; looks like they will go to a New England type spread offense; they have made an offer for RFA Texan WR David Anderson.  They have started another run on runningbacks by signing Correll Buckhalter and JJ Arrington.

The Chiefs have traded for linebacker Mike Vrabel; a solid veteran but very long in the tooth.

The Redskins continue to spend like drunken cosmonauts picking up Albert Haynesworth (HT sdsuaztec4) and re-signing DeAngelo Hall.  While most players don't collect all their contract money; those two contracts are 154 million; but the 'skins pockets are unbelievably deep.  Watch out for them if the NFL goes uncapped.

The Browns pulled off a blockbuster sending tight end K. Winslow over to Tampa Bay for undisclosed picks.  That had to be the result of that hospitalization issue last season; a serious mistake on the Browns part I think.  Tampa has also acquired Cassel from New England for their first rounder this year and a conditional next.

The Colts managed to retain their Pro Bowl Center, Saturday.

The Titans re-sign Kerry Collins at QB.

Bart Scott has been offered 40 million by the Jets and will likely end up there.  It was always going to be tough for the Ravens to keep everyone.

The Patriots have nabbed Fred Taylor; I thought he might have been a fit here depending on how our RB situation shook out.

The Vikings finalized the deal for Sage Rosenfels and signed him to a 2 year, $9 mil deal.

The Saints re-sign Jonathon Vilma at linebacker.

Tight End Chris Baker goes to NE.

Linebacker Michael Boley, formerly of the Falcons goes to the Giants.

CB Lito Sheppard  of the Eagles was traded to the Jets.

Kurt Warner is in talks with the 49ers; he would be a good pickup for them if they want to outbid the Cardinals.