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Static from Around the Web

The Colts without Marvin Harrison?  That just seems wrong somehow.

The Redskins are still dancing with Jason Taylor.

They are dropping like flies at the combine.  Maclin may have hyper extended his knee.  Maualuga limped off the field; his is probably a minor injury.  Orakpo went down with a hamstring injury too.

Brian Mandeville may have had his life lengthened when doctors discovered an undiagnosed heart problem.

Acee looks at potential runningback draftees for the Bolts.

No news is good news methinks; neither side is negotiating via the media anyway in LTs contract talks.

The Asomugha purge continues as the Raiders drop Kwame Harris and Justin Griffith.  The rumors are that Javon Walker is soon to follow; none will be particularly missed.  Harris was beaten like a red-headed stepchild against the Chargers.

Lendale White gets in a fight.

Laurinaitus and Maualuga both have a bad combine.  The injury is worrying; but I still would like to see Maualuga as a Charger.

Football Outsiders does the combine.