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Static from Around the Web

Some things to keep in mind in the upcoming combine.  It's not just stats; players have to have an instinct for the game.  This article looks at Gholston who was a combine warrior and Mayo who could just flat out play.

Tampa Bay has released Jeff Garcia.  He is a bit on the old side; but he looked good against the Chargers.

Cincinnati franchises their kicker Shayne Graham.  That means Houshmandzadeh is likely gone free agency.

Daunte Culpepper might start for the Lions?  Hard to figure they would pass on a QB with the number one.

Marshawn Lynch gets caught with a loaded gun; he has had some trouble before so he may see some time off.

A few draft 'sleepers' in the draft according to scout.

The Broncos have their 'night of the long knives' and cut six from the defense.  This clears a lot of cap room for them; and they may not even be done, rumors are that Dre Bly may go too.  They have a few more free agents that will be allowed to walk; the Broncos appear to be taking it down to the foundation to rebuild; with a new system and that many new players it might take them a while to gell.  I wonder if they could be clearing cap for Fat Albert.