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Mock Draft Picks for the Chargers

There are tons of mock drafts; I've gone through a few to see who the experts have the Chargers taking with the 16th choice. Position wise a whopping six out of ten have the Chargers taking a running back.  No doubt with LTs injury; his contentious contract negotiations and the possible loss of Darren Sproles that makes a certain amount of sense.  Another factor is that after a number of teams filled their need last year; the number of teams ahead of the Chargers in this years draft that need a running back is likely zero; that leaves the best talent at runningback on the board when they pick. 

Still, I'm skeptical for a few reasons.  For all the Sturm & Drang; I think they will reach an agreement with LT; that means they really just need a backup.  AJ has repeatedly said that he thinks they can find good runningbacks in the later rounds.  Beyond that; this is no longer Marty's three yards and a cloud of dust offense; the Chargers don't need an elite runningback to make this offense tick any more.  Anyone who takes a quick look at the offensive and defensive numbers can see the real needs are on the defensive side of the ball.  Matt Wilhelm/Dobbins and Clinton Hart are the prime people that could be upgraded; but we also need to replace Olshansky at defensive end.  Unfortunately there isn't really a great crop of safeties this draft; so to me the best picks for the Chargers are the inside linebackers and defensive tackles.  The position breakdown looks like this:

Position Number
Runningback 6
Inside Linebacker 3
Defensive Tackle 1

By Player:

Chris 'Beanie' Wells 3     
Knowshon Moreno 3
Rey Maualuga 2
James Laurinitis 1
Peria Jerry 1

Here are their picks for the Bolts:

Draft Player Position
Walter Football Chris 'Beanie' Wells Runningback
Mel Kiper Knowshon Moreno Runningback
ff toolbox Rey Maualuga Inside Linebacker
Roto Times James Laurinitis Inside Linebacker
Draft King Chris 'Beanie' Wells Runningback
NFL Draft Site Rey Maualuga Inside Linebacker
Shawn Zobel Chris 'Beanie' Wells Runningback
Scout Knowshon Moreno Runningback
Draft Season Knowshon Moreno Runningback
The Huddle Report Peria Jerry Defensive Tackle