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Off Season Reader Poll

Now is the offseason of our discontent.; the time seems apt to ask you all what you would like to see more of. I have been meandering through the positions and draft prospects; certainly if we go through the lower rounds that is a deep well. We could go through the depth chart in greater detail or try and do more background pieces on players. Football strategy is a fairly deep topic; we could examine more x's and o's. In depth looks at the cheerleaders are always diverting. There are also a lot of statistical looks we could take at the past season, examining how the team stacked up against the rest of the league. It might be interesting to look at the other teams in our division; or dissect another team that is particularly good or bad.

Chargers lore and history is something we could examine; I have to say I'm fairly unschooled on the old school teams. I liked the interactive Carnac posts during the season; it would cool to get some of that going on the off season. Just a note to remind you all too; we have this cool tool on the right side known as fanposts; if you don't start using it you are going to have to suffer through the off season just reading what we produce. OK; help us chart the off season here at BFTB.

I have added a poll, but comment liberally (well nothing that will frighten children).