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Static from around the Web

Pacman no longer a Cowboy.  He is talented; but at some point even that will only get you so far.

Rivers, Manning, McNabb, Vince Young, Michael Vick, Kerry Collins and Brett Favre all may have some drama over the offseason.  I see a new show, "Desperate Quarterbacks of the NFL."  Speaking of which, Romo claims to still want TO.

Jamal Anderson gets busted for cocaine.  Who is going to snort something off a toilet into their nose?

I thought the bank CEOs were bad, Burress wants a bonus after shooting himself in the thigh.

Chargers have a program where all these guys have to do is make a call to get a free ride home.  Somebody oughta get that on speed dial for everyone.

Is there anybody that doesn't like Quentin Jammer?  What a huge asset for the Chargers in so many ways.

It looks like we will know more by the combine on both LT and Sproles.  They may franchise Sproles, and no doubt offer LT a smaller contract or one with big incentives for performance.  The franchise tag has to be laid down by February 19th.

Dielman and Cutler get chummy at the Pro Bowl.

Todd Haley takes over for Herm at KC.

Hmmm, Lechler or Asomugha?  Asomugha, duhhh!  I feel sorry for him; his interview after the Chargers dismembered the Raiders was the epitome of class and frustration.