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Game Thread: Chargers at Browns, 2nd Half

Uh-oh.  The Chargers are only up 6 at the half to an inferior opponent.  Is this a trap game?  I still say no. 

The offense has had a difficult time getting into a rhythm because the running game isn't doing much (what else is new) and Philip Rivers seems to be trying to get Vincent Jackson involved in the offense, even when he's covered.  I have no doubt that they'll click in the second half for a couple of big drives.

The defense has had difficulty because....well, this one is simple.  The Chargers best d-lineman, best LB (arguably) and best secondary player (again, arguably) are all inactive for the game.  Luis Castillo is missed in the running game, Shawne Merriman's mere presence would be a big boost and the secondary looks slightly lost without Eric Weddle.  Ron Rivera seems more hesitant to blitz without Weddle covering up the back-end, and I don't really blame him.

Do I see the defense suddenly becoming dominant?  No.  But I still think Cleveland has another turnover in them, and I think the Chargers offense will get better in the second half.