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Chargers by the (Jersey) Numbers: #44

As was the case with #43, Chargers that wore #44 either wore it for one season or at least four.  But the ones that wore it for multiple seasons were so… non-descript that it makes choosing the winner quite difficult.  Eeny meeny miney moe...

The Runner Up

Chris_fletcher_medium (The only picture I could find even for him.)

Chris Fletcher, S

Fletcher was a decent Safety on the really bad Charger teams of the 70s.  He played 7 seasons with the Bolts (his only team).  Aside from his rookie season, and two that were plagued by injuries, Fletcher was the top Safety during his time with the team.  He collected 13 interceptions and returned one for a touchdown.


The Winner


Fred McCrary, FB

McCrary put in some NFL time before and after his days with the Chargers.  But he spent the bulk of his time in a Charger uniform (more games than his other four teams combined).  And although Lo Neal gets most of the credit, McCrary was LT’s first.  Fullback, that is.  Naturally, as a Fullback, his numbers aren’t much.  But his pass-catching skills made him fairly versatile.  Since all the other votes are split among Safeties, this Golden jersey goes to a Fullback.

The Rest

Martin Bayless, S

Eric Castle, FS

Ollie Cordill, P

Scott McGarrahan, SS

Trusse Norris, WR

Pete Shaw, S

Richard Trapp, WR

John Travis, FB