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Chargers by the (Jersey) Numbers: #48

Again, the Golden Jersey committee is saddled with several players who played below potential, or never had much to begin with.  And one who fell short because of off-the-field issues.

The Runner-Up


Terrance Kiel, S

In 2003, the Chargers were desperate for some quality Defensive Backs, so in that year’s draft, they selected four of them.  Kiel was the third of the four, and third in the first two rounds.  He wasn’t very big and he wasn’t a very dynamic hitter, but was certainly an adequate Safety who could match up in coverage with a Tight End or help out in run support. 


He wasn’t exactly a ball-hawk (4 interceptions and 3 fumble recoveries in four seasons with the Bolts), but he was solid, he stayed healthy, and he helped the team enjoy some success (he even recovered a fumble in the 2006 playoff game against New England).


What Kiel was up to off the field is "open to conjecture," to put it mildly.  What is certain is that his death was tragic, untimely, and came way too soon.


The Winner

Tim_fox_medium (Couldn't find any Charger-era photos, so I thought I'd go with the "shaggy dog" look)

Tim Fox, S

Fox was not a big Safety either, but he was the consummate "center fielder" type.  He put the "Free" in Free Safety.  He was crafty, smart, and rarely out of position.  Unfortunately, most of his best days had been used up with the Patriots before he became a Charger.  But he still managed 7 interceptions in 2 ½

seasons with the Chargers in the dying days of the Coryell years.



The Rest

Carl Brazley, DB

Jerome Dove, CB

Allan Ellis, CB

Pat Miller, LB

Larry Rentz, CB

Ron Smith, S