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Show Me Your Lightning Bolt: 12/30 Chargers Links

Tuesday Morning Quarterback
The Rivera Factor: Will the sudden arrival of bad vibrations in Indianapolis allow San Diego to take the AFC? The Chargers are 12-3 and trail only New Orleans in points scored. They have a cocky quarterback, a solid offensive line, a speed-back/power-back pair, and football's best set of linebackers. Last season, football's best set of linebackers was a major element in carrying Pittsburgh to a Super Bowl victory. The Chargers are the sole team to have beaten the Colts' starters in their past 25 outings, and San Diego is on a 4-1 run against Indianapolis.

AFC West Pro Bowl analysis
Perfect sense: San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers was an easy call. Last year, he was an alternate. Rivers is playing as well as any player in the league. He is a backup to starter Peyton Manning. One of Rivers’ favorite targets, Antonio Gates was also a no-brainer. Gates is having perhaps his best season. San Diego kicker Nate Kaeding is one of the most reliable kickers in NFL history. He deserves this call.

AFC West Pro Bowl notes
"He’s been huge in my progress," Rivers said of Turner. "I knew very early on when we first met that we thought a lot alike and have similar approaches to the game. That helped immediately because we were able to understand how each other thinks. Running this system and his ability to coach the position is exceptional. It’s been a great fit."

Week 16 DVOA Ratings
The Chargers move to #8 in DVOA and #6 in Weighted DVOA this week.