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Clever Chargers-Related Title: 12/29 Chargers Links


Chargers Mailbag
Kevin Acee answers stupid questions from fans.

Dombrowski demonstrates worth to Bolts - Sports -
There remains the possibility, and even likelihood, that the Chargers will decide to rely on Jon Runyan’s experience come playoff time. But Brandyn Dombrowski deserves every bit of his playoff share for what he has done to help the Chargers win, and he has cemented a future for himself in the NFL.

"Turner's plan for the week" by Bolts Bulletin
"We've had some guys playing with injuries over the past month," Turner said today. "… Certainly, if there is someone we can help them by limiting how much they play or not playing them, that’s what we’re going to do. If there is someone who is limited because eof an injury we’ll take that into account ... We have to weigh all those different things, but we’re going to go play the game."

Quick Reads
Rivers was our choice for MVP heading into the season, and while it'll be hard for him to win it with Peyton Manning and Drew Brees ahead of him, the falls of both the Colts and the Saints give Rivers a shot. He was devastating on third down against the Titans, converting six of seven chances, with four plays of 20 yards or more. His numbers would have been even more impressive had he thrown a single pass in the fourth quarter.

Broncos Thoughts and Musings - A look back at Chargers Week - Mile High Report
This is just an amazingly fun read. Here's a taste, "Bear in mind that they also didn't plan well enough to avoid it. They didn't run the extra sprints that the Broncos endured to get in better shape than their opponents. They didn't make the personnel moves that the Broncos did, realizing that no matter how good you were supposed to be, an 8-8 record will rarely get you into the postseason. They didn't identify the weaknesses that they had, nor the ones that could arise with age, injury and contract status. They didn't do enough to prepare themselves for the fact that Shawne Merriman was very unlikely to have a great year this year. Few will, after the kind of surgery that he had. In short - they didn't plan to succeed, either."