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A Note About Last Week's Power Rankings Post (Week 16)

As I'm sure many of you have noticed already, there was no Power Rankings post last week. I apologize for not posting something sooner but I haven't exactly been around a computer much in the last week.

The biggest issue for me was I had family in from out of town for Christmas which monopolized my time quite a bit. Secondly, I'm a chronic procrastinator, so most nights last week I was out doing most my Christmas shopping. Thirdly, several websites didn't even release any Power Rankings last week, so it would not have been as solid a post as I had done in the past.

The good news is the family is all gone, there's no more shopping to do, and I've already started culling the various websites again and grabbing the Power Rankings as they come out. However, the biggest holdup is usually Vegas Insider, who usually don't release their rankings until later in the day on Thursday. They're the only ones that release their rankings on Thursday, everyone else has theirs out by Wednesday at the latest.

I'm considering dropping Vegas Insider as a source for a couple of reasons:

  1. They're always the last to post and hold up the posting until Thursday. If I didn't include Vegas Insider, the post would be up by Wednesday evening.
  2. Generally their rankings are a bit off from the rest of the subjective group.

So what do you think? Should I keep using Vegas Insider, or drop them and continue with everyone else?