Vote for Pad Squad Amanda as the Chargers Representative at the Super Bowl

Hey Dudes. I don't interact over here at Bolts From The Blue nearly enough, but I do read and I do watch every Chargers game. I wish I could use the excuse that I'm not as knowledgeable about football as the reason why I don't comment as much, but let's be honest I don't know anything about the Padres either and I'm blogging for SB Nation's Gaslamp Ball.

I was going to put up a FanPost here last night asking you to vote for Pad Squad Amanda but it got to be too late and I ran out of gas. I just noticed that John (Obviousman) Fanshot'd the plea for a vote so I'm too late but I still want to give you some more exclusive pics!

Game_medium Game2_medium

That's Amanda on the right and then the left. I'm not sure who the other girl is, but you better believe I'll find out.

In any case, Amanda is the Chargers Representative in the Monster/NFL contest that chooses the Director of Fandemoneum.

If I win the whole thing I get a monetary prize, as well as I get to attend the coin toss at Super Bowl XLV, call a play at the 2011 Pro Bowl and even announce one of the Chargers' picks at the NFL Draft. I think it would be so rad to represent the Chargers at the draft and announce one of our new players.

The good news is she made the cut and is now in the Top 8 out of 200,000 other contestants. The bad news is that she's in 7th place and losing to some old dude from Miami. I still have trouble understanding how this is happening.

In any case she needs our help! She needs us to vote for her every day until January 11th. It's a bit annoying voting but you also have a chance to win Super Bowl tickets every time you vote. So there you go. Go Chargers!


Amanda was nice enough to send me a few photos of her from her trip to New York where she competed and interviewed with the NFL folks:

Img_3548_medium Img_3547_medium

Personally I prefer to see her posing with her friend in the previous pics.

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