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Clever Chargers-Related Title: 12/28 Chargers Links

LT: Appreciating A Decade Of Dominance - Craig Elsten - 619 Sports
At some point, hopefully in Miami but perhaps somewhere else, the 2009 Chargers season will come to an end. When it does, LaDainian Tomlinson will take off his Chargers uniform, likely for the last time. Looking back at a decade of greatness from the all-time greatest Charger.

Bolts playing so well it’s downright scary - Tim Sullivan -
This is what scary good looks like. "Kevered," was the word Tennessee tackle Tony Brown used to describe the Chargers’ 42-17 trampling of the Titans last night at LP Field. "The word ‘kevered’ means we got run amok, outplayed, anything you want it to be," Brown explained.

Acee Analysis: Chargers vs. Titans
Kevin Acee's must-watch weekly breakdown of the past week's game.

Chargers may be best NFL team; Colts fans irate; more Week 16 - Peter King -
Well, at least Peter King is giving the Chargers the kind of respect a lot of San Diego fans have been clamoring for of late.

Football Outsiders is Committed to Crapping on Norv Turner
Doug Farrar: [Matt Millen] said his usual amount of preposterous crap, though he spent this last week coming up with new stuff. My personal favorites tonight were his praise of San Diego's offensive line as one of the five best in the NFL (25th in ALY, dead last in Power and Second-Level Yards; both LDT and Darren Sproles averaged 3.3 yards per carry coming into this game) and his insistence that Norv Turner is one of the best play-callers in the NFL.