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Last Word with j-man Week 16

  • San Diego has so many weapons on offense, although I saw a lot of pressure from Tennessee's blitzing in the 1st half.  
  • LT also showed flashes of his old self.  He is great in spurts, but Rivers is elite.  I think he is the 3rd best QB in the league, only behind Peyton Manning and Brees. 
  • The Chargers WRs are very, very good and the O-line was opening up huge holes in the running game.
  • SD's defense is underrated, and I would've thought they would've had a tough time without Jamal Williams.  Your ILB still cannot cover on a consistent basis.
  • In short, if the Chargers play like this in the playoffs they will go to Miami and play against NO/Minn/Philly. 

I hope everyone enjoyed the first installment of j-man's Last Word.  Each week j-man is going to summarize the week in football, with an emphasis on the AFC West.  This week, since the Chargers game was a little early, he just focused on the Bolts.  

Don't know j-man?  You should.  Click those links, read his story (and how he's made SB Nation a better place by being the nicest person ever) and give him a shoutout in the comments.  Welcome to the league of BFTB writers, j-man.