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Chargers by the (Jersey) Numbers: #47

Nobodies!  Get yer nobodies right here!  Red hot nobodies! 

Frank Duncan, S

Darrell Hopper, CB

AJ Johnson, CB

Cedric Mack, CB

Jerry Mays, RB

Ron Middleton, TE

Jeff Queen, RB

Sherman Smith, RB

Johnny Thomas, CB

Sam Williams, S

The Runner Up


Ryan McNeil, CB

This is more of a personal choice than anything.  I always liked Ryan McNeil.  I thought he was a good shutdown corner who you could stick out on an island and not worry about.  And for a few years running, he was available as an Unrestricted Free Agent.  Maybe the Charger brass didn’t see him the way I did.  Or maybe they felt they didn’t need a top-flight corner as badly as I felt they did.  Or maybe they tried to sign him, but it just took a few years to get the deal done.  Whatever the reason, McNeil didn’t sign with the Charges until 2001.  And what a glorious one season he had!  Unfortunately, he played two for the Chargers.  After posting 8 interceptions and going to the Pro Bowl in 2001, he only collected 1 interception in 2002, and it was suddenly clear that Father Time had taken his toll.  The best news of all was that after playing for the Chargers, he signed as a Free Agent with the Broncos!

The… Winner?



Bud Whitehead, S

What can you say about Bud Whitehead that hasn’t already been said?  Not much.  Because not much has been said about Bud Whitehead, and there’s really not much to say.  There’s… his name.  Bud Whitehead.  So why the Golden Jersey?  Well, who else? 

Bud (we’re on a first name basis since I’ve written more about him than anyone in about 40 years) has more longevity with the Chargers than any other 47 (8 seasons).  He was the starting Cornerback on the 1963 championship team.  He had a heck of a 1965 season, collecting 7 interceptions for 125 yards, including one returned for a touchdown.  And he had 15 career interceptions for his one and only professional team – the San Diego Chargers.  Oh, and he’s a New Years baby.  Good enough for me!  Get him fitted!