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Chargers Defeat Bengals 27-24 On Last-Second FG

Well, it wasn't pretty and it wasn't dominating.  This was essentially a playoff game, against a playoff team, and the Chargers came out victorious.

The strange thing for me is that the Chargers nearly shot themselves in the foot with two very silly interceptions.  The Bolts also seemed to have a semblance of a running game through most of this matchup.  This game certainly did not go as anyone had planned, but Philip Rivers did that thing he does when the team needs a game-winning drive.  He got it done (even after having a not-so-great game).

As I write this, the Raiders just took a 1 point lead against the Broncos with 35 second left in the game.  Even with JaMarcus Russell throwing the ball, the Raiders seemingly have helped the Chargers to win the AFC West and hopefully homefield advantage and a playoff bye.  With all the injuries accumulated in today's game, it's a week that's much needed.  Also, the San Diego fans had the Q shaking in a way that I don't remember seeing in quite some time...which gives me even more hope for these playoff games.

Perhaps most importantly, the Christmas matchup against the Titans is now meaningless for the Chargers.  There's no need to push the players hard on a short week, or force anybody (like Hardwick) to play when they're not necessary.

Time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of a well-played season, Norv and company.  You've earned it.

Final - 12.20.2009 1 2 3 4 Total
Cincinnati Bengals 3 10 0 11 24
San Diego Chargers 7 7 10 3 27

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