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1st Half Thread: Bengals at Chargers

Notable inactives for the Chargers: C.J. Spillman, Nick Hardwick, Buster Davis and Kevin Burnett. Let's hope Brandon SIler has what it takes to slow down the Bengals running game.

On a sobering note, this has been an unlucky week for me for a number of reasons. I broke my pinky punching my coffee table last weekend, had a number of things go south in my "real" job and lost my wedding ring this morning while digging out the tires of my car after 2 feet of snow fell on it.

So while I will be wearing my lucky road LT jersey (still unwashed since the Giants game), I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see the Bengals come out looking like the '85 Bears. If the Bolts get dominated in this game, you can blame me and my recent string of terrible luck.

Go Chargers.