Scouting the Bowl Games Part 1

I'd been thinking about doing a FanPost on some of the college guys I've been looking at this year as potential future Chargers. I decided on just focusing on players in bowl games and give a little bit of info on each one. The bowl games kind of snuck up on me though and I'm a little late, which is a shame because Fresno State has a RB that I want people to check (I'm sure ESPN will replay the game late night sometime, try and catch it then)

Here are the Bowls for the opening weekend (plus Tuesday):

New Mexico Bowl: Fresno State vs. Wyoming

St. Petersburg Bowl: Central Florida vs. Rutgers

New Orleans Bowl: Southern Miss vs. Middle Tennessee State

Las Vegas Bowl: Oregon State vs. BYU

I'm going to focus mainly on players that will probably go in the 1st or 2nd round. I'm going to focus on positions that might interest the Chargers, which means lots of front seven players, offensive tackles and running backs. I might mix in other positions, but I'll give a reason if I do. I'm also just using all draft eligible players, which will include some Sophomores and Juniors who may end up staying in school. I probably won't mention a top of the draft guy, unless I really want to say something about him or I think there is a slim chance he could slip or we could trade up. Okay, on to the players.

Ryan Matthews RB, Fresno State, Junior - Scouts, Inc (a members-only service provided by ESPN) rates him as a 87, which means a high 2nd round grade. The Chargers have been known to use their 1st round picks on guys that Scouts, Inc grades as 2nd rounders (Cason, English) most likely because their evaluation methods are slightly different. Matthews is LT's size and can be a physical runner utilizes the stiff arm to great effectiveness. The knock on him is that he's a liability on 3rd down. I see this as something that can either be worked on or he could be paired with another back. Another knock is that he's not as explosive as a couple of the other RBs in this draft. He'll probably be a nice value for a second round pick, but maybe the Chargers will think that his 3rd down issues are overstated and grab him in the first. I've been watching the bowl game a little already, and I like his running style. Todd McShay from Scouts, Inc is on record as saying he thinks Matthews will declare.

Anthony Davis OT, Rutgers, Junior - Scouts, Inc has him rated as a 93, which makes him a bonafide 1st round pick. He's a big boy at around 6'5 325 lbs. I don't really know that much about him, but I have seen at least one early mock draft that had the Chargers picking him. We'll have to watch the game and see how he does.

Ryan D'Imperio ILB, Rutgers, Senior - He's not the prospect that first two are. He's only got a grade in the 40s, which makes him a late round option, but he is ranked #10 among ILBs. He's about 6'1 244 lbs. He's been described as a leader and coach on the field. Seems like a high character guy. Remember even guys that are late round picks make plays at the college level, so he's worth keeping an eye on.

Torell Troup DT, Central Florida, Senior - My token UCF player. He's got good measurables for a DT at 6'3 315, but he's most likely a UDFA. We always need DL and he could be a guy that ends up on someone's practice squad (maybe even ours).

Calvin Wilson OT, Southern Miss, Senior - Like Troup he's not much of a prospect, but he's a ginormous human being. He's 6'5 361 lbs. Again, he's most likely a UDFA, but if you're watching the game, take a peek (as if you could miss him)

Sean Canfield QB, Oregon State, Senior - I know what you're thinking. A QB? Wonko's gone mad, Rivers isn't going anywhere. I know that. But, Canfield is worth watching. First, he's from Carlsbad, second, I've heard a couple draft gurus drooling over this guy. He could be someone who starts in the NFL someday. He's 6'4 214 lbs so he's got the right measurables for a QB. His completion % stands at 70% right now, he's thrown 21 TDs to 6 INTs and thrown for over 3000 yards this season.

Dennis Pitta TE, BYU, Senior - There's a chance Chargers may draft a backup TE in this draft. He's 6'4 246 lbs, which is kind of small for the Chargers tastes (based off of Manu, Wilson, and former Chargers draft pick Scott Chandler). He's got a 74 grade, so he could go as high as the 3rd round, so he's got some good qualities that may interest the Chargers.

Jan Jorgenson DE, BYU, Senior - At 6'2 256 lbs he's too small to be a DE for the Chargers, but he's a good size for an OLB in the 3-4. Chargers are always on the lookout for pass rushers and this guy might be there for them at the end of the draft or a UDFA.

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