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Ogemdi Nwagbuo Needs Your Help

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That's right faithful BFTBers, Ogemdi Nwagbuo is asking for your help.  He wants more Twitter followers.  Not that he's planning on getting in trouble with his Twitter account, he just wants more people to chat with when he's bored (which I'm sure he will be often while rehabbing).  He's also tired of hearing the rest of the defense brag about how many Tiwtter followers they have.

So go to OG's Twitter here and follow him.  Tweet to all of your San Diego friends to follow him.  Grab every man, woman and child you see walking down the street with a Chargers jersey, shirt or hat on and tell them "Follow OG's Twitter!"  Besides the fact that you're a Chargers fans, there are legitimate reasons for helping out OG....


  1. He's a San Diego native, which means there's a good chance of you bumping into him in the future.  Don't you want to say "I follow you on Twitter"?  It's much less creepy than "I'm your biggest fan!"
  2. He might just be the future Nose Tackle of the Chargers.  If he is, chances are he'll anchor the line for a long time.  Wouldn't it be smart to get on his good side?
  3. He's a good Twitterer.  Steve Gregory and Jamal Williams have 1 combined tweets since training camp.  You don't need to be following them.  OG has 11 tweets in the last 5 hours, stating his opinions and chatting up fans.
  4. He'll owe you.  Request a specific sack celebration (stanky leg!), find out what he was thinking on a specific play or get him to retweet some info to the masses.  Go ahead.  He'll owe you.
  5. He had surgery yesterday (I think), and flew to North Carolina to have it done.  Not only should you be nice to somebody who just had surgery, but North Carolina in the middle of December is no place for a San Diegan.
  6. Think about BFTB!  If we get OG a couple thousand followers, maybe he'll create an account and start commenting.  Maybe he'll start writing FanPosts.  At the very least, it should get us a few interviews and a friendly face the next time a BFTB writer is in the Chargers locker room.
  7. You'll look smart.  If OG is the successor to Jamal WIlliams at the NT, he'll be a star in San Diego.  Right now?  He's not a star.  He's a project.  If you've known about him, and have even been following his tweets since his rookie season you'll look like you know everything about the Chargers.  You'll also look like you can predict the future.


Getting Ogemdi to Antonio Cromartie's level (20,000+ followers) in a few days may be asking too much, but I see no reason why we can't help him get past Steve Gregory (1,500 followers) and Jamal WIlliams (2,400 followers), up into the range of Luis Castillo (5,800+ followers).  We have that kind of audience here.  So do what you need to do, and let's build OG a Twitter fanbase.