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Chargers by the (Jersey) Numbers: #43

Wearing #43 for the Chargers either got you a quick ticket out of town after one season, or it bought you a seat on the bus for at least four seasons.  Nothing in-between.  There’s also very little in between being the winner of this Golden Jersey and not.

The Runner Up


Tim Spencer, RB

Longevity goes a long toward winning a Golden Jersey.  But talent goes even farther.  Thank you for your years of service, Mr. Spencer, now take a seat and politely applaud for the champion


The Winner

Darren_sproles_medium (Always on the run)

Darren Sproles , RB

Sproles is not a thousand yard rusher (and probably never will be, no matter who he plays for).  But he does have some interesting stats: career averages of 4.5 yards a carry; almost 10 yards a reception; and over 25 yards a kickoff return. 


But any of us who know him know that he’s about more than just the numbers.  Whenever and however he’s used -- kickoff returner, punt returner, catching swing passes out of the backfield, running out of a Pro set, even lining up as a wideout -- Sproles always needs to be accounted for.  If you don’t account for him, you run the risk of having to watch him run.  But the good news is you won’t have to watch too long, because it never seems to take Darren very long to get where he’s going.

The Rest

Rickey Anderson, RB

Bethune Bob, S

Kenny Bynum, RB

Gary Glick, S

Bob Gregor, S

Jim Tolbert, S

Peter Tuipulotu, RB

Lonnie Young, SS/CB