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Chargers by the (Jersey) Numbers: #42

Until a few weeks ago, 42 was shaping up to be an interesting battle between a couple of longtime veterans.  I guess it’s a good thing it took me a while to get to it so one them would implode.

Honorable Mention

 Clinton_hart_medium  (Happier times)

Clinton Hart, S

I’m not honestly sure how much of a shot Hart had at the Golden Jersey.  I suppose if he put in a credible or decent 2009 (or first half of it), he may have had a shot.  But because he hit a wall or went over a cliff, however you want to put it, he’s barely an honorable mention blip.  But because there were some good times, some key interceptions, and a longevity that allowed Hart to cash a few post-season paychecks, he makes it this far.


The Winner
Mike_fuller_medium   Mike_fuller_ii_medium (Always chill-laxin')

Mike Fuller, S

Fuller wasn’t what you’d call a "great player."  His numbers as a Defensive Back were certainly nothing to shout about.  He never had more than 5 interceptions in a season.  He was just… one of those kinds of players.  Not the biggest, not the fastest, certainly not flashy, but very steady and consistent.  Since the Charger defense as a whole back then was lacking in the flash department, Fuller fit in perfectly.  And he also fit in as the team’s punt returner.  A "catch-it-and-run-straight-ahead" kind of guy, he averaged over 11 yards a punt return, and is actually 15th on the NFL’s all-time list for Punt Return Yardage.


Fuller was part of that classic ’75 draft, and is the second member of that class (so far) to be awarded the Golden Jersey.


The Rest

Curtis Adams, RB

Rogers Beckett, FS

Ricky Bell, RB

Lane Fenner, WR

Greg Jackson, DB

Pete Johnson, FB

Leonard Russell, RB

Dave Smith, RB

Jessie Taylor, RB