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Game Thread: Philadelphia Eagles at San Diego Chargers, 2nd Half

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Anybody else feel not-so-confident about that half of play?  The 3rd and 1 play was pretty awful, and every time Rivera called for zone defense the Eagles just ran their speedy guys at the inside linebackers.  It was far too easy for Philly to move the ball down the field that way and Donovan McNabb was hardly pressured at all.

The score disagrees with me though.  2 TDs against 2 FGs is a good sign, and the Chargers passing offense looks to be just fine.  Even LT had a big first half. 

Kevin Burnett deserves a mention for coming back with a vengeance.  Not only has he racked up a bunch of tackles, his goal line stop set the tone for the defense and was very impressive.

Here's to hoping for a turnover and the rejuvenation of the offense.