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Stat of the Day: 100 Receptions

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I was around, and a San Diego Chargers fan, when LaDainian Tomlinson caught 100 passes in a season.  I remember that being one of the most frustrating 4-12 teams in history.  Anyways, I got an e-mail last night that I was perusing this morning when I saw this....

Rivers’ top two receiving threats -- TE ANTONIO GATES and WR VINCENT JACKSON -- are tied with 42 receptions apiece and can challenge RB LA DAINIAN TOMLINSON’s franchise record of 100 receptions in 2003.

What?!?  While it's possible that I just forgot this stat, I am fairly certain that I remember his 100-reception season as a record for a running back.  I had no idea that no WR in the history of the Chargers has ever caught 100 balls in a season.  That's amazing, especially considering how potent the Bolts offense has been over it's history.

More to the point, only 1 of the top 3 Chargers' spots in terms of receptions is held by a WR.  Here's the list.

  1. LaDainian Tomlinson, 100 rec (2003)
  2. Tony Martin, 90 rec (1995)
  3. Antonio Gates, 89 rec (2005)

That's unbelievable!  Even with Gates and VJ getting the majority of the catches this season, each of them is on pace for only 84 catches by season's end.

By comparison, the Denver Broncos have had 6 WRs with seasons of 100 receptions or more.  The New England Patriots have had 3 WRs with 100+ catch seasons in the last decade alone.  The Colts have had 5 seasons like that, with 4 coming from Marvin Harrison.  Even the Chicago Bears' Marty Booker caught 100 passes in a season once.  The youngest team in the league, the Houston Texans, already have 2 seasons of 100+ receptions from a WR.

This begs the question.....which teams in the NFL have never had a 100+ reception season from a WR?  It has to be rare, right?  Maybe not as rare as you'd think.  Here's a list of them.