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Chargers by the (Jersey) Numbers: #39

Ah, the good old days.  When men were men, and kickers wore numbers like 39.  That’s what it’s come to: a battle between two kickers who barely got their jocks sweaty.


Actually, that’s not totally fair.  You’ll never hear about Carney or Benirschke intercepting a pass – but our #39 Winner did.


The Winner


George Blair, DB-K

The simple fact that Blair was the kicker on the 1963 Championship team, and scored one less point than the entire Boston Patriot team in the Championship game, is generally enough to win, but Blair also played a little DB – not that he had much to show for it: 1 interception returned for 40 yards.


But in 4 seasons as the Charger’s placekicker, Blair didn’t have much to show for that either.  What a bizarre time it was for pro kickers, with the goalposts at the front of the end zone, the straight-on kick-with-your-toe style, and the fact that a 60% success rate could land you in the All Star game.


But what’s not bizarre is that one good year could land someone a #39 Golden Jersey.

And the Rest:

Leonard Dunlap, CB

Keyvan Jenkins, RB

Dick Van Raaphorst, K