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Game Thread: Raiders @ Chargers 1st Half

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I'm going to call this a "tune-up" game. A game at home against one of the league's worst teams before playing three consecutive games against the league's best teams (Giants, Eagles, Broncos), two of those games being on the road.

The most important result for this game is the victory. A very close second is to stay healthy. Any more major injuries, especially to the offensive or defensive lines, and the Bolts will have a difficult time competing over the next three weeks and eventually making the playoffs.

Am I looking ahead this week? Probably a little bit. Contrary to what Week 1 tells me, I do not fear the Raiders. Similar to the Chiefs game, I'm going into this matchup thinking that the Chargers' worst-case scenario is Philip Rivers winning the game in the fourth quarter. Let's hope I'm right.