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Pittsburgh Steelers defeat San Diego Chargers 38-28

Well that was a polarizing loss, wasn't it?  The typical mistakes were there: starting slow, not stopping the run, no effective offense until the 4th quarter.  Just as everyone feared in the first half, the San Diego Chargers dug themselves too deep of a hole and ran out of time at the end as they tried to claw their way back.

The Pittsburgh Steelers played well at home.  Ben Roethlisberger was efficient, Rashard Mendenhall was dominating (along with the entire Steelers' offensive line) and their defense completely shut down the Bolts' running game.

Thank you Antonio Gates, Philip Rivers, Jacob Hester and Chris Chambers, you guys kept us in the game.  Thank you offensive line, you weren't terrible.  Nate Kaeding, I think you've erased any weaknesses you had in your game.  Everybody else was fairly useless tonight.  Jamal Williams was sorely missed and will continue to be.

Continue the conversation in the comments.  Try to stay optimistic, with a bye week to figure out what went wrong and then 3 games against division rivals.  Remember that there are still 12 games to be played before we get to the playoffs, and a lot of great teams started off the season with glaring weaknesses.  The Chargers have time to fix them.  Let us hope they make the most of that time.

Final - 10.4.2009 1 2 3 4 Total
San Diego Chargers 0 0 7 21 28
Pittsburgh Steelers 14 7 7 10 38

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