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Although the Chargers fans don't play until tonight, that doesn't mean we have to be robbed of watching football all day!  Here are some games to keep an eye on and chat about in the comments while we patiently wait to see the Bolts face the Steelers.

1pm EST games

  • Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans - Houston's offense has looked strong, but their defense has been porous.  The Raiders have had the exact opposite problem.  I'm betting Steve Slaton wakes up and the Texans win 3-0.
  • Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars - I love Tennessee's implosion, if only because I think by time the Christmas game rolls around they'll be starting Vince Young at QB and playing for "the future".
  • New York Giants at Kansas City Chiefs - I wouldn't be surprised if Matt Cassel leaves this game on the trainer's cart.  Larry Johnson too.
  • Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots - Big game for everyone involved.  A Ravens victory would help make the Chargers more legitimate, and would also help to possibly keep New England out of the playoffs.

4pm EST games

  • Dallas Cowboys at Denver Broncos - Perhaps the most interesting non-Chargers game of the week for Chargers fans.  If Dallas blows them out of the water, then the Broncos are still a year or two away from competing for the AFC West.  If it's even competitive, this division race will be tighter than we'd like.