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Stat of the Day: Chargers' Offensive Linemen

Holy crap.  I just found the most in-depth stats for offensive linemen and I couldn't be happier.  Not by the stats (haven't scoured them all yet), but just by having a legitimate way for statistical analysis on offensive linemen.  Let's look through the Chargers' offensive linemen through the first 6 games of 2009 and see how they've played.....

G Pen Pen Yds False Start Holding Sacks Allwd Sack Yds
McNeill 6 0 0 0 0 3.0 21.5
Dielman 6 2 20 1 0 1.0 3.5
Hardwick 1 0 0 0 0 0.5 1.0
Vasquez 4 0 0 0 0 1.0 11.0
Clary 6 2 15 1 1 4.5 25.5
Mruczkowski 6 1 10 0 1 0.5 5.0
Dombrowski 6 4 25 2 1 1.0 8.0


The one thing I don't like about these stats is that they're all about pass-protection.  Looking at these, Louis Vasquez looks like he's having the best year.  Then again, at times he's been a weakness in the running game (he doesn't pull very well).  Also, it's not surprising that Jeromey Clary and Marcus McNeill's sack numbers are higher than everyone else's, consider they're going up against the best pass-rushers on the opposing team every week.

All in all, the offensive line's protection of Philip Rivers has not been good.  The star QB has been sacked on 6.6% of passing plays, 20th worst in the league.  Now, with the stats factored in, is my personal ranking of the Chargers offensive linemen this season (with Nick Hardwick left out):

  1. McNeill
  2. Vasquez
  3. Dielman
  4. Clary
  5. Mruczkowski
  6. Dombrowski

By the way, to compare some of these stats against past seasons.....

  • Marcus McNeill allowed 3 sacks in all of 2008 and allowed 9.5 in 2007.  Statistically, McNeill has had 1 bad season (2007) and 2.5 really good ones.
  • Kris Dielman's 2009 numbers are on-pace to be pretty much average for him.  However, I think where he's struggled is in run-blocking.  I think he misses Hardwick next to him.
  • Statistically, Jeromey Clary is having a worse season in 2009 than he had in 2008.  He allowed 7 sacks in 2008 and he's on pace to allow 12 in 2009.  He's gotten better at avoiding false starts though.  I believe the team signed him to a 1-year deal in hopes that they'd see improvement.  Although I thought, from watching the games, that he was having a better year....that appears to not be the case.