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Hey Chargers fans.  Want to know what I did this weekend?  I got some perspective.  I thought the Chargers were playing absolutely terrible football until I spent this week in Washington D.C., watching and listening to the Redskins game against the Chiefs.  Gosh that game was just awful.

Matt Cassel stinks and that offensive line is worse.  The defense is nothing to write home about.  I am completely confident that the Chargers will go 2-0 against Kansas City this season, and they could probably beat the Redskins in their sleep.  I'm a little surprised that Jim Zorn and Daniel Snyder are still alive today.  Listening to the second half and post-game of the Redskins broadcast, their announcers and listeners calling in were basically in tears.

Bolts could be worse.  For those that didn't care to watch the games yesterday, here's all you need to know:

Good News (for Chargers fans)

  • The Bengals were just good enough up until Week 6, when they lost Antwan Odom (the NFL's current sack leader) for the season.  Now, they're a credible opponent but probably not a playoff team.
  • The Titans are just awful.  They can't play defense, Kerry Collins makes JaMarcus Russell look accurate and the players are giving up on the season already.  In the preseason I was thinking this would be a tough loss, but now it's looking like an easy win.
  • The Giants are human!  The Giants are human!  Apparently, if you can put up points quickly and take away the Giants running game you have a good chance of beating them.  Who knew?  By the way, the Chargers are not the only team in the league that starts every game slow.  It seems half of the teams in the league do it now.
  • The Eagles are human too!  Turns out, if 60% or more of your offensive line is injured it doesn't matter how fast your WRs are or how strong your QB's arm is.  Let's hope that Philly's problems on the offensive line extend to Week 10.
  • There are only 4-5 very good teams in the AFC right now, meaning the wild card is still a possibility if the Chargers lose tonight and Denver continues to play well all season.  If the season ended today, the AFC wild card teams would be the Steelers (4-2) and the Jaguars (3-3).  That changes with a Bolts victory tonight.

Bad News (for Chargers fans)

  • The Raiders remain unchanged.  They are still the same team the Chargers faced in Week 1, with a tough defense and terrible offense.  That means the Chargers are at risk to lose to them again, after a close game last time, and possibly leave the game with some major injuries.  However, if you can get an early lead against them they will quit because they know Russell won't bring them back.
  • Did Tom Brady suddenly become better in Week 6, or was he effected by Denver's defense in Week 5?  That's a question that needs to be discussed after a stellar game against Tennessee.
  • Stephen Cooper is questionable for tonight's game but, according to Kevin Acee, Cooper said "The only way I'm not playing is if my mama calls (the trainer) and says take my son out."  So he'll play, but will his knee be a problem for him out there?
  • Antwan Applewhite is out again.  With each game that goes by without him being healthy, Applewhite gets less opportunity to make an impact and impress A.J. Smith.
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers are only required to get 9 and 3/4 yards to get a first down, as opposed to the 10 yards every other team has to go.  That may not seem like much, but it could end up being a big advantage in the playoffs.