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Week 5 Recap: Around the AFC West

Oakland Raiders: lost to the New York Giants in a big way, 44-7.  They were pushed around and absolutely crushed by New York's ground game.  The Raiders never stood a chance.

Kansas City Chiefs: hung in tough against a flawed Dallas Cowboys team, losing in overtime.  They showed no ability to cover Miles Austin or slow down Dallas' ground game, as well as no ability to move the ball with their own offense, and still the Cowboys had a hard time pulling out the victory.  They're a long way from being a successful team.  Todd Haley, who had nothing to lose, should've went for the 2 point conversion at the end of regulation instead of playing for the tie.

Denver Broncos: remain undefeated after beating the New England Patriots in overtime. They continue to show off a strong passing game, led by Kyle Orton, and a defense that continues to be just good enough.  In this game, however, they added in a strong running game (starring Knowshon Moreno) that turned out to be the icing on the cake.

Next week's game against the Broncos has turned into a turning point in the season for the Bolts.  If the Chargers lose, they're 2-3 and chasing the 6-0 Broncos.  That's a tough hill to climb out of.  If the Chargers win, they're 3-2 chasing 5-1 and their easier schedule makes up the difference.

Just a reminder, by the way.  Denver is 5-0 and has played ZERO 2008 playoff teams.  The Chargers are 2-2 and have played three 2008 playoff teams.  The Chargers have three 2008 playoff teams left to play, the Broncos have six.