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Help SoCal Classrooms In Need

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We here at SB Nation have decided to use our unquestioned control over you, the reader, for good instead of evil, and as such are presenting the 1st Annual SB Nation DonorsChoose Challenge. For those of you who haven't heard of DonorsChoose, they're an organization that solicits requests from teachers for supplies their school districts don't have the money to provide. Then they allow the greater internets to pick a classroom and donate cash to get the supplies they need.

So what we've done, like many blogs across the internet, is set up individual challenge pages for each of the participating blogs. Here's mine. Since the San Diego Chargers are Southern California's only team, I looked through the donation requests from SoCal schools and selected a few that I thought were exceptionally good causes.  You can go through the requests on this page and donate towards the classroom of your choice.  Some of the causes have actually been sponsored and your donation will be matched by another organization, so keep an eye out for them.

And if you don't feel like giving money, I'm not above bribing you. Here's my offer:

For a $50 donation, you become a BFTB writer for a day.  You get to write a story that goes on the front page, and it can say anything you want it to say.  Want to write about Norv Turner's playcalling?  No problem.  Want to write about the Chargers stadium plans?  Have at it.  Want to tear down another BFTB commentor?  Well, that's mean, but it's your post so go right ahead.

For a $100 donation, you get a San Diego Charger t-shirt.  I keep a list of the ones that I like, but I'll work with you in getting you one whichever one you want.  If you want to be the first guy to sport a custom BFTB t-shirt, that can certainly be arranged.  Considering the donation is tax-deductible, this is like getting a free Bolts t-shirt!

For a donation of $200 or more, you will receive any Chargers jersey of your choosing.  It could be the current dark blue or white jersey, the 50th anniversary powder blues or visiting whites, or even the "current" powder blues with the sharper lightning bolts and numbers.  Also, the jersey can be custom with a name and number of your choosing or could be of any current Chargers player.  I hear Legedu Naanee's #11 jersey is quite slimming.

To claim an incentive, just forward the confirmation e-mail from DonorsChoose to me at

So there you go. Do some good, get some stuff. If you've got a bit of disposable cash, consider tossing it some kids' way.