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Static from around the Web

Damn; teams have suddenly remembered Rivera.  I hope he sticks as DC.  More on him here.

Bennett will see more action in Pittsburgh, that was a nice move by AJ.  The whole pancake caper is a little bizarre though.

Roethlisberger is ready to go after his concussion.  I wonder if they are going too soon on him; that killed Humphries career.

Michael Silver eats a little crow after calling the Chargers frauds.

LT looked done to me; they are saying maybe he can play a little Sunday.

Baltimore looked for real against the Dolphins; I think they can take the Titans.

The annual Dungy watch has begun.

The Pats franchise Cassel; Brady is having more trouble with the surgery than expected. 

I like the Eagles over the Giants this weekend; I'm not sure why.

I have trouble seeing the Cardinals getting past the Panthers.