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Static from around the Web

The kerfuffle of 2009 continues.  Kevin Acee who actually heard the comment first hand says AJ's comment wasn't mocking in tone.  Tim Sullivan notes that if LT wants to stay; he could put his money where his blog is and take a pay cut.  It seems to me they could just alter the contract so it is more performance based.  If LT can stay on the field and perform, then he gets paid like he did. 

Merriman busts out and says "that shit needs to stop, period. It needs to stop now."  (HT to Lenny Suckerpunch who also posted a good comment on the topic).  Finally, AJ rediscovers that most miraculous of devices the phone and indicates they will offer LT a restructured contract.

The Chargers hire Rod Chudzinski away from Cleveland to replace the tight ends coach that went to Denver.  He will be the assistant head coach too; hopefully freeing up some of Norv's time from playcalling.  The Chargers are also hiring Mike Sullivan to be line coach.  The Chargers seem to be giving Norv & Rivera their heads in reforming the coaching staff, anything other than a deep playoff run will be considered a failure.

The Chargers claim not to be playing footsy with LA in their new marketing contract.  (HT to Axion, nice find).

Michael Vick has to listen to goofballs from PETA, isn't cruel & unusual punishment unconstitutional?  The 49ers might be clearing the decks for Vick.  He's done his time, I'm OK with that, even though I wouldn't be crazy about seeing him on the Chargers.

TO gets his own TV show, I keep thinking it must be a cartoon.  Speaking of which, one of the funnier miked up players exchanges is TO discussing his favorite cartoons.  That also has some more Shaun Phillips in the regular season game against the Colts.

SI weighs in on the Senior Bowl.  Here is the view from Fox.

It may just be sour grapes, but I find it hard to get worked up about the Super Bowl this year.  I'm mildly rooting for the underdog Cards.

I guess it was the fans that got tired of Chucky in Tampa.  Here are the coaches wired for sound; Chucky is mostly a bunch of bleeping bleeps.

Shanahan is not going to the Chiefs.  If I could collect 7 mill for sitting around I think I would too.