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What If?

So it’s the Cardinals and Steelers. After watching yesterday’s Championship Games I realized a few things. The Bolts would have beaten the Ravens and earned a second trip to the Super Bowl. I really would have liked our chances, especially here at the Q. The Ravens looked terrible. While that Ravens D is crazy good, the Chargers could have managed a few points. And a few points is all that it would have taken against Flaco and company. Can you imagine getting to play the Cardinals in the Super Bowl? I like those odds. If only things went differently back in Pittsburgh.

After contemplating all these “What if’s?” , I’m really depressed about the Chargers loss to the Steelers. Last week it didn’t really bother me that much. Then I started thinking, and this loss troubles me all most as any Charger loss ever. The 2008 Chargers are good, but they are far from great. This year a few things went our way and GOOD could have been enough. When was the last time a great team won it all? The last several Super Bowl winners have been good, but nothing more. Today GOOD + LUCK = LOMBARDI TROPHY. Thinking back here is how I rank the Chargers all time post season departures.

1. 2006. That was our year. I’ve never seen so many mistakes in one game that meant so much. When there are six fumbles in a game and your team recovers zero, it’s just not your day.

2. 1994. Second best. It was projected to be the biggest blowout in Super Bowl history. It almost was. The Chargers and the rest of the world just watched as the 49ers put on an offensive clinic. I knew we didn’t stand a chance, but losing the Super Bowl is still a real downer.

3. Last week. Pittsburgh got all the breaks. Now the Steelers are only one win away.