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2009 Draft - Nose Tackles

B.J. Raji - Boston College - 6'1" - 325
B.J. Raji along with Ron Brace provided a lot of beef in the middle for Boston College.  He started the year weighing in at 350, but with a strict workout regimen got down to a svelte 325.  He has had trouble maintaing 'satisfactory progress' in college, that may be a bit of a red flag.  Nose Tackles do not need to be rocket scientists, they do need to make decisions quickly.  He has been ranked as high as 16th in the draft and is often the number one listed tackle; he ended up with seven sacks this season for BC.  He will be playing in the senior bowl this year.  He runs a 5.15 so just a bit slow there.

Terrance Taylor- Michigan - 6'0" - 319
I started the season much more interested in Terrance Taylor; but Michigan did not have a stellar year.  He was the subject of a lot of preseason attention, that may have made a let down inevitable.  He seems to have spent considerable time on the sidelines in the second half of the season.

Ron Brace - Boston College - 6'3" - 325
This is the other half of Boston College's Tackle duo.  He is projected as a 5-6th round choice, so this might be a low risk chance to see if he can develop behind Williams for a year; or at least be a credible backup.  He did have nagging back injuries; so that has to be a concern with a guy carrying this much weight.

Dorell Scott - Clemson - 6'4" - 320
Probably a 5-7th round choice too.  He was reportedly a force in the late season, but didn't live up to his billing.  It took a sit down with a coach to fire him up again, so motivation may be a factor.

Small School NTs

Chris Baker - Hampton - 6'2" - 308
Perhaps a little small, but well rated in this article

Louis Ellis - Shaw  - 6'2" - 312
Dominant tackle who would have gone to a big school but had academic problems.  Clocked a 4.94 which isn't bad for a guy this size.  He would get good penetration at this level of competition, but it's always a question if that will translate to the NFL.

Sammie Lee Hill - Stillman - 6'4" - 328
Certainly big enough and reportedly quite athletic.  He had 7.5 sacks and fifteen tackles for losses on the season.  He is also likely to go in the fourth round or below and might be worth a pick by the Chargers.

HT to MHR and BTBs for posts on NT prospects.  I did cull some folks that seemed just too small for the NT, most notably Peria Jerry out of Mississippi; feel free to bring up any propects you like; or especially conmment on any of these guys you have seen play.