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LT to be Traded?

The rumor s have been going around and I have discounted them to just that. Rumors. But now it seems more and more of a possibility. The Chargers front office is looking into dealing our star player.

I don’t like it, I say keep him. And here’s why.

The Chargers can’t replace him. Sproles is more of a specialty back. And Sproles is untested over an entire season. And while Hester can deliver a big hit, he’s no LT. When LT is healthy he’s still our best running back. But that seems to be the question. Can LT stay healthy? He has one season plus the Championship Game last year with injuries and the Chargers should get rid of him? Let him get the minor surgery, and see where he’s at.

Sproles is a free agent and it might take some doing to keep him. And it’s looking like getting rid of Turner last year might not have been a great idea. If we had Turner now, letting go of LT would be a lot easier choice.

If the Chargers trade LT the fans will go nuts. Unwanted drama will rise. We’ll lose a leader who has helped keep EVERY teammates ego in check, the backbone of our teams great chemistry.

Tomlinson is the greatest Charger that ever lived and that alone warrants giving him one more season.