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Post Season Static

Dielman is the only Charger to make All Pro second team.  Manning and Brees were the QB's.

I remember thinking the Chargers were crazy to waste a draft pick on Scifres when they already had D. Bennett.  My bad.

Here is the final injury report.  Kaeding was out on Thursday and Friday, but I have to think it isn't that bad or they would have found a backup and put LT on IR.  Word on LT is he won't play at all.  Gates didn't practice all week, but is expected to play.  The Steelers are all healthy except for folks that were already on IR and Roethlisberger had headaches.  LT is doubtful; is it possible they are overstating how bad he is?  From the sound of everyone I thought he would be listed as out.

Football Outsiders likes the Steelers in the rematch.

The Steelers are talking about Sproles too.

The Broncos are considering Dopey, Doc, Sleepy, Happy, Sneezy, Bashful and Grumpy for their next coach.  Wouldn't you just love to see Romanowski out there?  It would be like a game and a circus when he came to town.

Back to the future for the Bolts.

The Chiefs look serious about Pioli for GM.  The AFC West may bet a lot better next year; although who the Raiders are going to attract with weird Al, I don't know.

Reggie Bush has micro-fracture surgery; they say he will be back for next season but that is nasty stuff.