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Chargers pick up NT Ian Scott

Hat tip to matto619.  The Chargers apparently liked what they see in Ian Scott or don't like what they see in McKinney.  Rookie CB DeJuan Tribble is being waived to make room for the former Chicago Bears nose tackle.  San Diego also released San Diego University alum Eric Bakhtiari from the practice squad, presumably to make room for Tribble.  Weighing in at 303 pounds, compared to Jamal he seems a little light.  With Jamal's troubled knees it has been a little curious that McKinney was on the inactive list.  When Cooper comes back next week I believe they are going to have to move somebody else out as well.




He was drafted by the Bears in the fourth round of 2003; he played college for the Florida Gators.  In his second year he became the starting NT.  He worked with Chargers linebacker coach Ron Rivera who may have given the Chargers a recommendation.  In 2004 he picked up 77 tackles and two sacks, but he was released after the 2006 season.  Philadelphia picked him up in 2007, but an injury kept him from playing.  This year the Panthers had him in training camp, but eventually cut him due to a knee sprain injury.  In 2005 he was a member of one of the best defensive units in football, but he lost his starting position in 2006 to Tank Johnson.  Scott is known as a bulwark against the run, but it seems like two more questionable knees on board.