Chargers-Jets Success Rate Splits (Charger Offense)

Overall: 50.9% (29/57)

Run: 37.5% (12/32)

Pass: 68.0% (17/25)

1st Down: 29.2% (7/24)

2nd Down: 65.0% (13/20)

3rd Down: 69.2% (9/13)

1stRun: 25.0% (5/20)

1stPass: 50.0% (2/4)

2ndRun: 44.4% (4/9)

2ndPass: 81.8% (9/11)

3rdRun: 100.0% (3/3)

3rdPass: 60.0% (6/10)

1st Quarter: 36.8% (7/19)

2nd Quarter: 66.7% (10/15)

3rd Quarter: 61.5% (8/13)

4th Quarter: 40.0% (4/10)

1stRun: 25.0% (2/8)

1stPass: 45.5% (5/11)

2ndRun: 54.5% (6/11)

2ndPass: 100.0% (4/4)

3rdRun: 42.9% (3/7)

3rdPass: 83.3% (5/6)

4thRun: 16.7% (1/6)

4thPass: 75.0% (3/4)

Obviously, the passing success is fantastic and the rushing success is actually rather decent in the middle quarters in between "establishing the run" in the first quarter and "killing the clock" in the fourth.  Every time we had a third down of over 1 yard, we threw for it which I thought was interesting.  Going 3 for 3 on third and one all via the run was nice.  Overall, there's not much to be too unhappy about especially given our fondness for running between the tackles and the fact that we're still missing arguably (and inarguably one of) the best center in football.

If the mood strikes me, I might post these numbers for the defense as well.  If anyone is interested in seeing them on a weekly basis, I might do that, too.  If there's a split you think would be interesting to look at, let me know and I'll consider it.

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