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Grading the Bolts

Quarterback - A-

Rivers has yet to have an off game this year; he really seems to be developing into one of the best.  He went 19/25 for 250 yards, 3 TDs and one costly pick that was returned for the TD.  His QB rating was a torrid 130, the offensive line gave him plenty of time and he just picked the Jets secondary apart.  His first pass was intercepted, his second nearly picked off, but after that he was spot on; he maintained his composure after the two bad throws.  In one instance in the fourth quarter he audibled from scrimmage and threw a beautiful pass to Vincent Jackson who had one on one coverage for 60 yards to ice the game.  Rivers is really the spraying the ball around to all his targets and is letting his play do the talking this season.


Offensive Line - A-

The offensive line really dominated the LOS, especially after the Jets nose tackle went down.  Rivers had great protection all night; Marcus McNeill played for the first time this season.  While there was not a lot of power running, the Chargers did pick up 107 Yards and two TDs.  The interception was after an iffy snap, I like Newberry, but how can you play center for so long and have trouble with a snap out of the shotgun?

Running Backs -B

LT did rush for two TDs, but only 68 yards.  Clearly not quite himself yet, when he gets on track this offense is going to be brutal to defense against.  Sproles was terrific once more chipping in 38 yards on five carries for a 7.6 average.  Sproles also had 39 yards receiving; LT another twenty.  These running backs can knife into a defense in a number of different ways.  Tolbert added just four catches for 14 yards, but one was a huge touchdown.

Wide Receivers -B+

Jackson was the leader with 3 catches for 75 Yards, he came up huge in the fourth quarter.  Chambers caught just one for 27 yards, but it was for the TD.  Buster Davis made some really nice grabs early in the game to keep drives alive, I take back half the things I thought about him. 

Tight Ends - B

Gates caught just two, but one for the TD.

Defensive Line - B

There was actual pressure on Favre all night, he did not look comfortable back there.  The Jets were limited to just 42 yards rushing, and Thomas Jones had just a 3.7 YPC average.  The LOS battle seemed to go to the Chargers on both sides of the ball.  To be fair the Jets were taken out of their running game early by falling behind, once that happened the Chargers got both pressure and turnovers.

Linebackers - A

This may be an easy grade, but after two games of looking atrocious; Dobbins forced a fumble, Jyles Tucker picked up two sacks, S. Phillips another, even Wilhelm picked up his game.  While they did it against a Jets offense that was clearly out of synch, you have to give credit for some great play too.

Cornerbacks - A-

Cromartie missed one easy pick that would have gone for a TD, but took down two.  One was near the end of the game, but the other really lit a fire under the Bolts at just the right time.  Q. Jammer was his usual effective self, he made no picks, but is just rock solid in coverage and recovered a fumble that led to an easy seven.  Jammer should be heading for Hawaii this year.  Favre threw for 271 yards and had a reasonable QB rating, but the turnovers really killed New York.

Safeties - B

Clinton Hart was out there playing with a broken hand and still picked up five tackles.  Eric Weddle made an interception on what was a botched route, but still a tough catch by Weddle.  You can look at this game and say the Jets put up 29 points, but seven were on pick of Rivers and seven more were essentially given by a long kickoff return inside the 10.  Against the defense, the Jets only scored 15.

Special teams - D

This was the only real surprise of the night.  On kickoff returns the Chargers gave up big returns.  Cotchery returned one for 54 yards, Washington returned five for almost 200 yards, this is usually a strong point for the Chargers.  The Chargers also lost one onside kick.  The interception for a TD, big return and lost onside kick really kept this game closer than it should have been.