Chargers Have Only Themselves To Blame

I've read and heard a ton of whining about the horrible call by the ref at the end of the Denver-San Diego game that allowed the Broncos to have another chance on an obvious fumble that should have ended the game with a Chargers victory. I am so sick and tired of blaming the loss and other losses on the refs when one call never makes the difference between winning and losing a football game. I know I'd be pissed as well if it was against my team and believe me, the refs have shafted my Ravens as much as any team in our 12 years in this league.

However, football is a 60 minute game and the Chargers only have themselves to blame for allowing the Broncos to be in position for the ref to blow that call. What about the other 31 points they allowed in the first 59 minutes of the contest? Are they the ref's fault as well? What about the 70+ yards they gained on their final drive in the last few minutes of the game? Who is responsible for playing virtually zero defense for the entire game and allowing a rookie wideout (Eddie Royal) to catch the final TD and subsequent 2 point conversion when the game was on the line?

This is why I cringe and smoke begins to pour from my ears when I hear how a team got ripped off by the refs. You've got to look at the game as a whole and put the blame squarely on your team for allowing your opponent to even be in the game long enough for the refs to blow a call like that at a critical point. Man up, guys and take responsibility instead of blaming your screw ups all game long on one ref's screw up on just one play.

Enough said.

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